our mission

To use our passion, efficiency and expertise to provide professional, modern, budget-friendly creative services to help our clients blossom.

why 1,2...10?

Remember playing hide-and-seek? When you had to count to 10 and you would skip a bunch of the numbers – like 1,2…10? And then yell, “Ready or not! Here I come!!!”

The feeling of child-like enthusiasm; being in the moment; joyful and eager to play and interact with all that is around you. That is what we strive to capture and emulate. That is our the inspiration.

So why a rose?

“Be like a rose; no matter how many thorns you encounter in life, bloom.”
-M. Dhliwayo
A classic red rose represents the ideal design aesthetic – one of beauty, nature and love. It also symbolizes rebirth and overcoming adversity. The fragrance of a rose promises the sweetness of life while its thorns represent the other bitter side. It is a wonderful representation of the balance needed in life and design.

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