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To use our passion, efficiency and expertise to provide professional, modern, budget-friendly creative services to help our clients blossom.

why 1,2...10?

Remember playing hide-and-seek as a child? When you would be the seeker and you had to count so that everyone had time to hide. Did you ever skip a bunch of the numbers – 1,2…10? And then yell, “Ready or not! Here I come!” That feeling of child-like enthusiasm. Of being in the moment. So joyful and excited to start to play. Ready to seek out all that needs to be found. That is what we try to capture and emulate. That is the inspiration behind 1,2…10.

So why a rose?

“Be like a rose; no matter how many thorns you encounter in life, bloom.”
-M. Dhliwayo
A classic red rose represents the ideal design aesthetic – one of beauty, nature and love. It also symbolizes rebirth and overcoming adversity. The fragrance of a rose promises the sweetness of life while its thorns represent the other bitter side. It is a wonderful representation of the balance needed in life and design.

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